The Boat

Check out the Antares web site for more information about the PDQ Antares:
Stray Kitty sailing in Fiji.
Full main and genoa.                                        Spinnaker sailing, there is nothing like it!
Stray Kitty at the dock in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
Some pictures of the inside of Stray Kitty, a very comfortable yacht and easily sailed by two people.
The boat we FINALLY ! chose is a PDQ Antares 42 - yes a catamaran.  We are no longer monohull sailors.  We decided that with three young children a mulithull would be the way to go.  After searching high and low, 2 trips to Florida, Bahamas, Annapolis, we found our Stray Kitty right in our home province of Ontario! There she was 5 1/2 hours away in Parry Sound all that time.  Thanks for waiting for us!

Other boats that were on our consideration list were the Leopard 42, 45 or 47, the Voyage,  and a Privlege.  We chartered a Leopard 42 from The Moorings in Abacos for a week in March 2008.  That solidified the decision that we definintley wanted to buy a multihull.  It felt really solid, it didnt' heel! and there was a lot of room for the five of us. We weren't particulary interested in 4 heads though.  We went to see a Voyage 430 and a Voyage 440 but  I couldn't see myself living on it, the Privlege we looked at in Florida was not in very good shape and all the other ones were way out of our price range.

The PDQ Antares 42 was built in Whitby, Ontario, Stray Kitty is hull #4. It is a 2002.  It has 3 berths, 2 heads, a huge saloon, galley down, tons of storage space for all of our belongings. 



 Chris cooking breakfast in the galley,  we still can't beleive how much room we have for storage and cooking.

Trying out our new washer/dryer for the first time.  Is it going to leak?  NO it doesn't.  Is it going to work?  YES  IT DOES! 

 February 2009

After sailing for three months in the Caribbean, we have to say that we are very happy with our choice of boat.  The PDQ Antares cat, sails amazingly well in the waves and high winds (25-35 knots), and with the high freeboard we feel very safe and stay dry!  Some people say that cats don't point very well into the wind, however most of our sailing has been upwind and we are managing just fine.  The boat is so comfortable that sometimes we forget that we are living on a boat.  When we are at anchor and that North swell starts to roll in we are so thankful that we decided to go with a cat.