February 2011

Hi it would take me a century to be up to date so I might do that later (if I have internet) so we are in New Zealand (wow) it sort of seems like any other place (except with libraries, big grocery stores, highways and stuff). A lot of boats are selling or going to visit home so we don’t see a lot of kid boat’s except Silver Lining with a 12 and 15 year old boys.

A lot has happened in New Zealand, we bought a car and went on a 2 week camping trip.

March 2011

It was my birthday and I got a CAMERA!!!!!!! I also gota possum tail.

We are hoping to leave Auckland tomorrow and go to an anchorage for a few days then we will go to Gulf Harbour and put are boat on the hard. Gramps and Nana came to visit and when they left Grandma and Joe came on the same day!! So we all went up the Sky Tower together and had a good and very tasty brunch. I got a ton of pictures with my new camera here is one.

We visited Rotorua with my Grandma and Uncle Joe. We went zorbing. We get in a ball and they fill it half full with water and roll you down a hill. It was AMAZING.