November 2009 - Page 2

November 24, 2009 - Hollandes Cays to East Lemon Cays - 13.22nm

This is a very busy anchorage right now as the East Lemons, Mr. G's island to be exact, is the location for the US Thanksgiving pig roast and ducky races. We came a few days early to ensure that we would be able to get a spot. Because of all the rain there are huge, enormous logs and debris floating by, I feel like I'm filming a scene in The Beachcombers!

The potluck-pigroast and duckie races were a success. In fact Andrea and Chris both bet on the winning duck and got to share in the winnings! The guys on sv Rhapsody played music well into the night. Other things we did while we were anchored in the Lemon Cays -- the kids learned how to play Bocce Ball by a few other cruisers, they met up with their friend Josh on sv Southern Belle and went tubing together, we played volleyball and celebrated Breeze's birthday on sv Blue Sky. I can totally understand why some cruisers come here and stay for months. We felt like we didn't want to leave either but eventually it was time to move on.............

November 30, 2009 - East Lemon Cays to Porvenir--5.96nm

Motored over to Porvenir, it is a small anchorage and very reefy. There is a boat on rocks. Yikes! Always a scary sight.

We to the dingy to Wichub-Wala, a village about a 5 minute boat ride from Porvenir, a couple of drunk Kuna guys were on the dock drinking beers and were swearing at us. In all the Kuna villages that we have seen so far, we have never seen this.