October 2009

Well we are still in Cartagena. We did leave once, after getting our bottom, chain and bridle cleaned by Alberto. It took him 20 minutes to get the bridel unhooked from the chain because of all the growth. Anyway we left the anchorage to recalibrate both our autopilots, after changing some wiring around, it worked and we headed back into our spot in the anchorage.

We took a tour of the Naval Museum, it was mostly , a collection of reconstructed cityscapes and boat models, however there was a few guns and ship part that the kids were able to get their hands on and play with, always a good thing. Lots of these buildings in the old town are collosial and they all seem to have large courtyards in the centre of the building, they are really beautiful, plus there are great views of the streets below.

One thing about being in Cartagena at this time of year, besides the unrelenting heat is the lightening storms, they usually come around dusk, all of a sudden a cold wind starts to blow and you cheer, yeah some relief, then you realize that it means a storm is on it's way, the dark clouds start lighting up with sheet lightening or bolts that look pretty scary and as long as they don't come near us, they are fascinating to watch.

All the guide books state that the Convento de la Popa is a must see, so we all piled in a cab along with Skip from Java Moon and drove up the 150 m windy hill to the Convent. The church was nice and the 360 degree view was amazing but other than that it wasn't as great as you would expect from the books.

We are starting to think about leaving Cartagena, our next major city won't be until we arrive in Colon, Panama so provisioning for two months is the order of the day or several days, our list looks scary: 20 lbs flour; 20lbs apples; 60litres of milk; and of course we can't forget the Halloween candy and on and on. We decided to check out the Mercado Bazurto, our guide book says that it is for adventourous souls only and the book was right about this one. It is large, dirty and extremely busy, we had a great inexpensive lunch and bought a pressure cooker and never even got to the fruit and vegetable section, well I guess we will have to leave it for another day...... (manada, as they say in Spanish)

Our friends on Tyee III showed up a few days ago so the kids have been having so much fun playing together. We also caught up with Excusme and got together with them on Tyee III one night. They brought some Harry Potter movies for the kids to watch (number 6 I think! I had no idea!)