Stray Kitty Voyage


Items Lost to King Neptune

Along the way, the wind has swept many an item overboard or it has been dropped by accident. I started keeping a list to assess the damage, so our new rule is never leave anything on deck if you really like it.

  • swim ladder
  • Chris's red shorts
  • blue towell
  • green cloth bucket
  • white bucket
  • Chris's beige shorts
  • fender
  • several rags
  • lighter
  • opera binoculars
  • Andrea's brown top
  • Ryan's wallet (retrieved)
  • green milk jug
  • red/black shorts with $50.00 in pocket
  • 2 towels (retrieved)
  • breeze booster
  • pillow
  • our sheet right off of our bed (fell through emergency hatch in middle of night)
  • 5 gallon water jug) retrieved twice!
  • orange towell
  • large nail clippers
  • the ONLY ONE key to the van
  • dingy anchor (retrieved) - Thanks sv Jackster!
  • top to stainless steel coffee press (retrieved) - Thanks Jackster!